• Update (New Location and Other)

    16 September 2019
    Hello! So it's time for the next update. We have prepared a lot of new and interesting for you.

    Friends, I would like to congratulate all of us, in a month our server is 3 years old. During this time, there was a lot of good, we did a great job with you, of which we can only be proud of. We believe that our server is indeed one of the best, and all this is thanks to you, thanks for making a donation, thanks for playing, thanks for taking activity. I am very glad that such people surround me.

    - Summer Luck: Disabled.
    - Guide NPC added new items.
    - Settings: now you can hide the fairy.
    - Removed additional equipment bonuses. (+15 ... + 30).
    - Added a new location. Here you can get new equipment of level 200, in order to use the equipment you need to get the 'level of equipment'.
    - Update interface.
    - Respawn monster boss 40-60 minutes.

  • [UPDATE] Altar of Dakun!

    14 August 2019
    Friends, thank you for giving me a little rest, now I have come with an update for you.

    In this update, we decided to abandon the Akan dungeon. We think this tires our game process, we are always ready to refresh our game, we always try to do only the most interesting for you. We will continue to work in this direction.

    If you want to contact me, you can always write to me in the PM.

    1. Akan is off.
    * Akan skills are disabled.
    2. Visual Distance - no longer reset when relog.
    3. New game logo.
    4. The NPC collection requires confirmation.
    5. 'Medium Medicine' and 'Strong Medicine' - can be used even if your HP and MP full.
    5.1 'Medium Medicine' and 'Strong Medicine' - works MP.
    6. Added a new hack detection system.
    7. Battle Roar - used only for titan.
    8. 'Seignior' and 'Feudalist' - technical bug fixed.
    9. The automatic siege start time is set.
    10. Now if your character has a Feudalist rank, you get the right to buy a Feudalist for any of your other characters.
    11. New location added 'Altar of Dakun'. (Infalion)
    12. Added new Affinity.
    13. Added new nickname animations. (They serve only for decoration, so you yourself must decide whether you need it or not)

  • Technical Work

    2 July 2019
    - Added a new system that prohibits the inclusion of PVP during a siege.
    - 175 boots: Move Speed reduced by 40% 20%.
    - Fixed Wings 'Kings Arena' bugs (Re-form).
    - Elemental changed.

  • New PvP Arena

    28 June 2019
    Friends! We have done a great job, we have created a new PVP event for you, this is a very laborious process, it is really hard work for us. We hope that you will treat with understanding and with any problems you will inform us. The first month of this event was launched in test mode and various problems are possible, because there were a lot of nuances at creation.

    But still we managed and are ready to run it on our server. Kings Arena is a team battle in the arena in Juno.

    Event Schedule:
    Monday: 19:00 / 1 Ch. (Germany)
    Friday: 19:00 / 1 Ch. (Germany)

  • Update: Game Change

    28 May 2019
    Dear friends! Today, our server is experiencing an active drop in players; indeed, this cannot but disturb me. On the other hand, it makes it clear that need to work even better for you. Our server has already been online for more than 850 days and this indicates our stability and I hope you have no reason not to trust us, few people can boast of such a result. We have had good and troubled times, but we have always been honest with you.

    I want to ask you to actively communicate, write me your suggestions and preferences, tell me if you are unhappy with something, only with the help of feedback I can make this server better.

    - Item Mall packs.
    - Characters balance.
    - Added information about block damage.
    - Changed the game code when receiving damage if your character has a red nickname.
    - Fixed technical bugs.
    - Created a new skin for Elemental.

  • Update: Character Talents

    18 May 2019
    Hello! Friends, today I have completed the new update for you.

    In this update, we have created additional talents for your character who can help you on the siege, pvp, pve. But in order to learn talents you need to get a 8 Lv. Heroes Infalion.

    - Infalion: Fixed bug Boss monster.
    - Fixed P2 bugs.
    - Fixed a bug with character buffs.
    - Aura Totem - effect reduced by 20%.
    - Rage Totem - effect reduced by 20%.
    - The item guide has been updated.
    - Heroes Infalion: There are new opportunities as well as new levels.

  • Survival Dungeon and Alliance

    16 March 2019
    Friends, today we have completed the next update, we have completed a large amount of work, we always try to surprise you and make this a top priority in our work. We are grateful that you continue to stay with us.

    You asked us many times to increase the number of participants in the guild, I already answered you that I would not do this, but at the same time I saw that you want to be closer to each other, I found a solution for you, today I created a system of alliances, now you can chat with 2 and even 3 guilds at the same time.

    - Now you can create alliances between guilds and chat in a general chat with the entire alliance.
    - Guild Points are no longer needed, we deleted them.
    - Love weapons end.
    - Token War: automatically moves to your inventory.
    - You can no longer run the game if you have removed effects.
    - Antithesis and Gold Boost no longer disappear if you are killed.
    - Technical bugs fixed.
    - Survival Dungeon: we have created new adventures for you, you need to gather a group of allies and go to battle, in return you will get stones to improve your rank, now you can improve your armor even more. Location is active from 20:00 to 22:00 [3 Channel] (Germany)

  • Mine, Chicken Coop, and more...

    6 June 2019
    Friends, today we have completed a big update, we have done a great job, we are moving in the development of new directions. I would like to ask you to be more active, write more sentences, then we can do more. I tried to implement as much as possible your needs.

    - In Juno removed the NPC Miner Trainer.
    - Removed bug in the location of Serena.
    - Jewel Lv. 13-15 removed from the CASH shop.
    - [Premium Character Package] respawn boss monsters improved, and new monster boss added.
    - Fireball works correctly.
    - Inventory Arrangement improved.
    - +3 extra buffs.
    - Added additional sections of inventory + 50 cells.
    - Damage Link: now works if you and your ally are in PvP mode.
    - The map on the compass in Juno is working.
    - Changed Juno + fixed textural bugs.
    - Tyrant Ramslo's, now if you don?t kill Pelion within 10 minutes they will be dead automatically.
    - Improved multi-client system.
    - Fixed technical bugs and crashes.
    - Added weapons.